Extreme Hammocking in British Columbia

Extreme Hammock

Define extreme. To some it is the most overused word in the English language and to others extreme means reaching the highest or the greatest degree of something, in this case sleeping or sitting in a hammock. Oh yes you heard that right, it is possible to take hammocking to the extreme, but remember if you are an adrenaline junkie you are addicted to danger which can be a bad thing.

This is because if you take it too far you will want to outdo what you did previously, meaning that you will put yourself in more danger as you progress. The point I’m trying to put across here is, if you have an addictive personality its best to try something that does not risk your life.

So what is extreme hammocking? Extreme hammocking involves you hanging your hammock in places where normal people consider absurd or too dangerous. For example, you can hang your hammock under a bridge or you can hung your hammock on the side of a cliff, the only question here is, are you afraid of heights?

Hanging hammocks at high altitude

Extreme Hammock 2

High altitude simply means areas that are 8000-12000 feet; extremely high altitude is areas that are 18,000 ft plus. Now the highest point in British Columbia is obviously mount fair-weather, it’s not as high as the Alps or Everest but it still sits pretty at a height of 15,299 feet.

Advertisers are evil, that’s why they will tell you something is extreme but when you get there you get so bored that you will start thinking about the last Avengers movie and how much it sucked, and still stay bored. This means that for you to have fun you must find your own way, if you are into extreme camping I’m sure that you hate to have someone holding your hand. Therefore what you should do is grab some of your buddies and a map and head on down to mount fair-weather or any other extreme locations in BC.

Remember BC is the original home of diversity, meaning that there are many extreme locations to hang your hammock. Some locations that you should consider are:

  1. Judges route, mount Arrow smith in port alberni
  2. Albert Edward strathcona park
  3. Okanagan high rim
  4. Ice line trail. Yoho national park
  5. Ediziza plateau(you will need a stand)

Most of the above double up as awesome hiking trails, meaning that you should be prepared to hike. The awesome thing about hammocks is you can hang them anywhere, therefore where you hang yours is up to you.

The cold will get you

I’m sure in elementary your teacher told you that the higher you go the cooler it becomes, she wasn’t crazy or anything it’s the truth. This means that if you go hammocking at very high altitudes the cold will get you and if you are not prepared you will get the cold butt syndrome or worse. Therefore if you are new to hammock camping, it’s best to educate yourself on how to stay warm in cold areas.

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