Hammocking in college


The reality is very different from imagination, just look at all those college movies and series on television and compare them to your college days. The truth is when you get to college you realize that things are very different from what you expected, for one, you have to study to pass if you don’t know you might be in college for a very long time. You will also have to share your personal space with strangers, and if you are not into it, things will get uncomfortable.

The most awesome thing about college is you will get to meet people and build long-term relationships with them, when in college you will have a lot of time on your hands. This means that you will need a pastime activity that you enjoy to keep you sane, today, one of the most popular pastime activities in British Columbian colleges is hammocking.

What makes hammocking great is it helps in stress relief, and believe me you will have a lot of stress in college e.g. you may get dumped, you will have to meet deadlines, and most importantly you will have a study. If you’re interested about hammocks, why not find out more about it.

There are people everywhere

The biggest issue with living on a campus is students are everywhere; this means that getting time for your self is not easy. If you have an upcoming exam you need some place where you can study with minimal distractions, the first option is usually the library. The problem with the library is if you have a test it means that 200 other students also have a test i.e. most of them will be there, and there will be no difference between studying in the dorm and library.

Hammocks are a way out because you can hang them anywhere far away from humans, a place where you can have peace and study. Also, hammocks increase your concentration meaning that you will gain more when studying than at a desk.

Social bonding


You are a social being, therefore you need friends. Hammocking is a great way to make friends, look at it this way, it’s something that requires minimum effort and can be combined with any other activity e.g. hiking, camping, studying or even drinking if you are into that.

It is also a great way to find love; you see the thing is sitting on a hammock with someone you care about will bring you together in ways that sitting on a couch cant. This makes it an excellent way to pass the time.


Most college beds are not that comfortable that’s why most kids walk around slouching; hammocks are very comfortable because there is minimal pressure on your body. Sleeping on one will get you re-energized and you will feel like a new person each time, depending on how big your room is you can switch your bed for a hammock.

This can help you to save space, and can also be used for power naps.

Stress in college is bad; hammocks can help you control stress therefore if you don’t have one get one today and enjoy the benefits.




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