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Hammock camping tricks that will make your life easier


Most people associate tricks with magicians, e.g. a guy stuffs ten pigeons up his arms and wows people on stage. The awesome thing about tricks is they can help you solve hard hammock camping problems with simple solutions, for instance, did you know that you can create a lantern with a jug of water? What you have to do is strap a headlamp to a jug of water and you are done, the lantern you create can be used to brighten up your hammock instead of using fire. The best part is you have water and light in one package.

Protect the important stuff

It is easy to ignore simple things such as your toilet paper when you are out camping; the problem is if you don’t store it properly it will be crushed and sometimes even damaged. Things may get worse if it rains; now imagine having to answer the call of nature without toilet paper. Survivalists will tell you that you can use leaves but what they forget is you may be allergic to something that you don’t know about until you use it. This means that picking leaves and using them to wipe your self is a no-no, the best option you have here is to put your toilet paper in a can. A good example is a coco or coffee can, to make things easier you should cut a slit on the side where the paper can slide out.

Sage is a good insect repellent

Mosquitoes bite leaving you with bumps and in some cases disease, the easiest way to keep them away is with bug repellent. The problem is bug repellents don’t smell good. A natural solution to this is sage, burning sage will keep mosquitoes away and you won’t have to worry about smelling like repellent in your hammock when you turn in for the night, oh and make sure that you carry a bug net.

Learn to pack your stuff

If you are going on a multi-day hammock camping trip you will need a lot of things, the problem is if you are going to trek for the entirety of the trip carrying all that stuff may become an issue which can ruin your trip (e.g. back pain). The best thing to do is to get the right camping bag and learn how to pack it. Good camping bags come with different compartments where you can store food; cooking gear etc, therefore, chose the right camping bag.

Don’t drop the soap

When you take a shower in the woods the one thing that sucks most is putting the soap back in your bag, this is because the soap will leave everything smelling like soap the next time you take it out. You may have to eat food that tastes like soap, your extra clothes will smell like soap etc. to avoid this you need two things bar soap and a peeler, the idea is to peel small portions of the soap and use it , this way you won’t have to put wet soap in your bag. Read this article to know more about hammocks.